Smooth Moves!




Let me be VERY clear.

I am not a nutrition fanatic.

well, okay, maybe in some respects I am (you’ll have to ask my sister about my GREAT corn meal waffle recipe that warrants mocking to this day!)

But normally, I am well, normal.

So when I got my vita mix blender a year ago (have I mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE that thing??!  So worth the scrimping and saving, and then scouring the best deals around – I use it every day!), I didn’t exactly get it for the ‘ah-natural’ types of crazy carrot-pea-spinach smoothies that they touted it could do.


Not me…

I got it mostly because it could make ice cream in 60 seconds, and super duper yummy strawberry smoothies 🙂


and I swore that I would never let a ‘green’ smoothy pass my lips.


That is, until I went to a nutrition convention where they were demo-ing the vita mix

and I ran up to give my own little testimonial as to how much I loved mine (seriously, these guys should give me a commission for how much I have touted it in my seminars!)

… and they usually have samples, so they asked if I wanted to try…

their GREEN smoothie concoction!


In an attempt to be somewhat cordial, I hesitantly took a sip.  and then another.

and then a gulp, just to be sure.

And much to my surprise, the most delightful feeling showered upon my tastebuds.

It was actually good!

a Green smoothy.


Who would have thought??!

So I instantly snapped a picture of the recipe,

and brought it home to try it out on the toughest critics…

the kiddos.  and wouldn’t ya know – they LOVED it just as much as I did!


So without further adieu,

here is the ever-covetated TASTY green smoothy!

4 cups spinach (yep, the leafy green stuff!)

1 peeled orange

a few slices pineapple

1/3 cup frozen white grape juice concentrate

1/4 lime (with peeling ON)

1 cup ice

that it.  Simply blend until smooth (about 60 seconds in the vita-mix),




Pour into glasses,

and watch the quizical looks on your guests faces turn from utter horror to sweet delight as they, too, become unwitting fans of the GREEN smoothie 🙂