Connecting with Kids in the kitchen can get messy

Any perusal through pinterest land brings into our life images of sweetly singing, perfectly color coordinated children, skipping merrily around the kitchen helping you put together magazine-cover worthy delicious dishes, which they eat with smiles on their perfectly groomed faces.

Enter reality:
IMG_3755 adamYep, more often than not, life in the trenches can be a little *less pinteresty* than we like to admit. Like the time I only have 5 minutes to get dinner on the table, enlist the help of teenager (blue jacket in picture above), and that is the exact 5 minute interval in which both toddlers decide they must clamp themselves to your legs and practice their vocal ranges (yep – both can still hit the high scream pitch perfect!).

Or the time when 3 yo is dying to help… and thinks his sole mission is to free the cheese from it’s bag of bondage.

… Or that time when you really did boil the eggs for easter… but that’t not the ones the kiddos dyed.
IMG_4110 IMG_4857









… or the time when the baby got a hold of the chocolate chips, before anyone else was awake to stop her.


Yep, creating with kids in (or even out!) of the kitchen can be all kids of crazy. And messy. And even a bit sticky at times.

But believe me, in the end, it is worth every spill, split, and splatter.

and you will even have many moments…








When the cooking kids and stars align…









and simply steal your heart 🙂