Merry “Mad Lib” Christmas

For those here wanting our version of the Mad Lib Christmas Greeting: Here ya go!







It has been one crazy year in the Brewer household, filled with many ups and downs. We spent many hours together exploring different parts of the world.

In April, Jen dragged everyone to Italy to fulfill her dream of seeing all things Michelangelo. The littles chased lots of pigeons and we all ate our body weight in pizza and gelato.

In the summer, we drove to Utah and played with cousins. After a full day at the lake, we all ended up with sunburns! (much to derm daddy’s chagrin)

This school year, we added another school to the mix as the twins started high school. Between school, sports, and music lessons, Jen pretty much lives in the car.

This year we also entered the world of Taekwando. You know what they say, a family that kicks together, stays together.

Jen still likes to write books, and Jerry still likes to cut cancer.

Seth loves tennis, Sarah just discovered cross country and choir (Bella Voce choir – loves it!).

Ben caught the acting bug and Joshua became quite the lego master. Liz just started 1st grade and took up violin. Adam and Anna use the buddy system to gang up on mom during the day and can successfully un-clean any room in 30 seconds or less.

We hope this holiday season finds you healthy and happy. We love you!

The Brewers