Pretty Perfect Pot Roast!

… of course, for me anything that is pretty perfect means that it has to be super easy to cook, and taste super yummy.

So, when I learned this neat little secret about pot roast, I was hooked…

and going on 9 years of being able to walk in from church to a yummy smelling house, with no fear of burning roast from the oven.

And the best part – you only need three things!

1.  A crock pot

Notice, the ‘well-used’ look (i.e.  I didn’t wipe it down before taking a picture!)

2.  A Roast – any type 🙂

3.  Some onion soup mix (the kind in the packet form)

the steps are just as easy!

Put roast into crock pot (you can pan sear the outside if you want… not necessary)

pour onion soup mix over top

put on lid

push “cook”

go to church 🙂

open the door hours later and inhale


then feast your eyes, nose, and best of all taste buds on the finished product…

or at least what is left after everyone steals a taste!