Don’t Be a Duck!

I just arrived home from a crazy week… which is a story in and of itself… it consisted of an impromptu cross country drive (sans hubby!) with 6 kiddos, attending my sweet grandmas funeral, celebrating sons birthday, putting another son on a plane with hubby to New York, driving across the state to speak at education week, then picking up hubby and son at airport and driving back across the country.  Whew!!

As I have been trying to re-enter life here in mommyhood, I have still kept a bit of the education week buzz.  You know, the one you get when you sit in a class and they say something that suddenly resonates with you so deep that you know it’s God way of telling you that he put those words into the speakers mouth just so you would finally hear his promptings.

Usually that high stays with me for a good week… until I get right back into my routine and keep putting the incredible inner ‘blings’ I had at education week on the “yeah, I’ve got to get on that sometime…” to-do list.

In short, after soaring at education week, I come home and start walking again…. much like these ducks:


There was once a town called Duckville.  Everyone there was a duck.  There were duck teachers, duck grocers, duck doctors, duck lawyers.  And everyone in Duckville always walked everywhere he went.  That was, until the day two out-of-town ducks arrived.

They were very enterprising visitors.  First they rented the local gymnasium and then they put up posters all around town which read, “Come to the gym tonight.  See a flying demonstration.  Fun for all.”

The residents of Duckville were intrigued over the flying idea.  They turned out in mass to see what the visiting ducks had to show them.  They were excited to learn a new way to move from place to place.  And all of them learned to fly that evening.  They spent hours and hours flying around the gym.  When the program ended, they thanked the out-of-town ducks.  And then all of them walked home.

Don’t Be a Duck!


So here’s to a commitment to dig in and make the changes that I vowed I would do while sitting, inspired and enlightened at education week!