Are you sick of KIK yet??

I had visions of sitting down and doing individual catch ups on all of the dinners that have been cooked in the past month of the KIK program.  But let’s face it, I’m just too lazy, and am letting too much time go by without writing just because I feel like I have to get the old entries done first.

So, here is the super speedy catch up…

Menus for the past few weeks:

chicken pot pie

tater tot casserole


meat loaf mini’s

pink pancakes (okay, we haven’t actually made these yet… they are from the sneaky chef cookbook about making vegetable purees and then ‘sneaking’ them into food.  Daughter wanted to do pink pancakes… which requires making a beet puree.)  We missed this on the menu (who wouldn’t choose going out to dinner on a Saturday night??! We certainly didn’t pass up the opportunity when daddy offered!).  So I’ll get back to you on that dinner choice…

oven baked chicken strips

apricot chicken

indian dish (can you guess this was dad’s night… another crazy dive into the gourmet guru… turns out we loved it!)

and some other ‘interesting’ choices.




IMG_8732 IMG_8689



it’s been quite the ride, but such a fun time with so many tiny benefits that I didn’t even see coming.

Join our journey and let’s KIK it together!!