When in Rome…

“Mom, I want to do Romen Noodle Chicken!  Alex told me about it at school.”

“Awesome!” (thinking this is some fun ethnic recipe that we get to try…) “Did he give you a recipe?”

I start googling “romen noodle chicken” to find a fun recipe to try.

“No mom, he said it’s just something that you get at the store.”

oh no, he can’t mean…

he really wouldn’t be so excited about…

I have tried so hard to have us stay away from…

I google the dreaded words:





“Yes!  That’s it!  That’s what I want to make for my dinner night!”

(insert mommy face-palming herself icon here)





All was not lost… I started googling recipes with ramen noodles in them, which then added chicken and vegetables.  Lots and lots of vegetables.

Every recipe received a shake from his head.

“no, I just want the noodles”

“What about this one with fun broccoli added?”

“nope, just the noodles”

“This one with yummy chicken??”


So, I went to the store, searched diligently, and finally found the family pack size of Ramen noodles.

And on his cooking night, I finally talked him into doing two batches.

IMG_8765 IMG_8763


… at least some of us got some vitamins out of the meal 🙂

And he got to have his straight-up-nothing-added-even-drained-the-juice-rAmen-noodles-chicken.










now, if you’ll excuse me… I need to go schedule his triple bypass surgery for a few years down the road… :O