Although I have my family blog where I write all of our little day to day happenings… this blog idea has been rolling around in the catacombs of my brain for quite some time.  More than just a ‘here’s what’s happening in my life’ type of a blog, I envision this blog as being a place where I can finally dump all of my ‘deep thoughts,’ as crazy as they may be, and let them come to fruition in the writing about them.

In coming up with a name for this new found outlet, I thought about the main focuses of my life right now:


I have always been a big foodie.  In fact, truth be told, that was one thing that really drew me to dietetics… the thought that “wow, I would get to study, teach, and talk about FOOD for my career!!  How cool is that??!”

It was a natural fit, really, right from the beginning.

Before you get any big ideas, no, I am not some crazy have a 5 course gourmet meal on the immaculately set dining table promptly at 5:15 every night. Far from it!  I am a down home, comfort food loving, finger and bowl-licken kind of gal in the food department.  You’ll see recipes from the healthiest of the healthy to the deadliest of the deadly (calorie-wise that is!) posted here.


With 5 little ones running around, I am neck deep in the joys, and sorrows, and highs, and lows of mothering.  I love <almost> every minute of it… except for when I don’t.  Yes, there are days I wish I could push pause and keep the tender moments with my kiddos like that forever.  And other days I wish I could click my heels together three times and reclaim some of my own selfish single days, just for a moment…  and days that have been every gamut of in-between feeling out there.


Ahh, the final piece to the puzzle.  Of all my personality quirks and traits, one things for certain:  I’ve never been accused of being stagnant emotionally.  In fact, during the “I want to marry your daughter” talk that my hubby had with my dad… you know, the one where most dads are making sure that this random human being is going to take care of his precious, sweet, innocent angel for the rest of her life?? Yea… well it’s kind of become a standing joke that during said ‘interview’  my dad asked my (soon to be re-thinking this whole ‘want to marry Jen’ fiance), “are you sure you want to marry her?  She can be kind of… umm… moody at times”…   (!)  what??!  He said what??!  True story.  (And one that my hubby has since brought to my attention at some… umm… quite inopportune times…!)

So, having put all of my crazy cards on the table, come on in, brew up a cup of  hot chocolate and enjoy the discussion, uncut and raw at times, insightful and deep at others, but always promising a great story :) .

Welcome to the Food, Mood, and Motherhood!!