Say the Pink One!

My three year old came skipping into the room, her blond curls bobbing up and down, her purple ‘chip stick’ carefully applied all over her lip… area, and two sweaters in hand.

liz 1


“Mommy, which sweater should I wear?”









I surveyed the scene… hot pink and brown leopard shirt, green shorts, purple lips… and and said, “I think you should wear the white one.”

To which she quickly replied:liz 2

“No, mommy, say the pink one!”

To which I thought something like, “well, if you knew what you wanted, why did you ask me?”

and then said, “Okay… wear the pink one…”




I laughed as she skipped off, happily donning the pink sweater.

Then it hit me.

How many times do I approach my Dad (the one with the capital D), and ask,

“Father, which one would you have me do?”  When all I am really saying is, “Say the pink one!”  Am I really opening myself up to what God’s will truly is for me?  Or am I trying to hodge podge my life together (which in the eternal scheme of thing may look very much like a pink and brown shirt with green shorts and purple lip stick!)… only to ask God which covering would help bring it all together, and then trying to tell HIM what he should tell ME??!

I’m sad to say that I do that more often than I care to admit.

So here’s to another trial of getting on my knees and listening… really listening to what HIS will is for me, and then forming my life to that pattern… instead of the other way around.