Orange Fluff!!

… that was 5 yo daughters first request for dinner.  Orange Fluff.  Wow.  Mac n cheese and orange fluff as the first two dinner requests.









My dietitian heart… well, it had seen better days.

My mother heart was just grasping at the fact that they were excited about dinner duty, so I went with it.  …and managed to convince her that chicken Alfredo went really well with orange fluff.

She could hardly wait for her night!  (who knew it could take sooooo long to get to Tuesday??!)

Orange fluff is super easy:

Add 1 large package of cook and serve vanilla pudding to 3 cups of water









Stir until it boils (and let little brother join in on the stirring fun)

add 2 small boxes of orange jello.  Chill for at least 4 hours (or overnight)


take out of fridge, let settle at room temperature for a while (by ‘a while’ I mean about 30 minutes if you remember ahead of time, or 30 seconds if you forgot about it until right before dinner time)





mix well with a mixer, then add 1/2 – 1 small container of whipped topping (depending on how much you have eaten straight from the tub before you mix it up.  Oh c’mon, don’t pretend like you’ve never dipped your finger for a quick lick!)











Scoop into a bowl, and then just try to keep everyone from snitching before dinner!









… it helps stave off the attackers to let them lick the beaters 🙂











… and then serve with a ‘side’ of pasta, chicken in alfredo sauce, and of course some freshly homemade bruschetta.