It’s my party…

and I’ll eat cake how I want to!








… as I have been reading about mindfulness, one of the points that really caught my attention is that to be mindful is not to be perfect.  It’s about coming to a space where you see where you are, and fully accept where you are, how you are, and who you are.

… and one of the areas that I have fully come to accept about myself is this:  I am a topping girl.  Let me explain…

I love THIS much frosting with about this much cake. (Many years ago, a friend gave me a tub of frosting for my birthday.  Best.present.ever.)

Love the chocolate chips… could take or leave the cookie

Love pie guts… can’t stand the crust

I’d love to split an oreo with you… I’ll slurp out the cream and you can have the cookie part

creme filled donuts… love em… minus the donut

I’ll lick the topping right off the donut… then throw away the rest (a trait, which incidentally two of my kids have picked up… and makes me laugh every time I see it in action)


I know this is not exactly ‘kosher’ behavior, so I try to act like the rest of you ‘normal’ people when eating, and pretend that I like it all the same.

But on my Birthday, when my hubby brings home a double dose chocolate cake from the best bakery in town…

I have absolutely no qualms about turning this:



into this:












Yes, I even funneled out the mouse-like layer divider… and didn’t bat an eye…

ya know… because I’m mindful like that ;).