Gobble Gobble

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday…
(no, not the green and red one that the stores seem to think comes next…)

I share with you the SECRET…
an ancient Vernal secret…
passed down from generation to generation…
… well, it was passed from a mother in law who received a very desperate call from a daughter in law, who couldn’t reach her own mother on the eve of her first Hosting of Thanksgiving
… who didn’t even realize that you needed to defrost the turkey DAYS before the big day (did I mention this was the night before the blessed event, for which we were hosting a houseful of family and friends??!) … let alone how to actually cook the turkey!

… and asked her simply, “hey, do you know how to cook a turkey??!”
… to which she gave me the most simple secret to the yummiest,
most tender
and scrumptiously moist
that you will ever sink your teeth into!

… did I mention it’s EASY??!!
(and no, this picture is NOT a turkey that I cooked – I don’t get that fancy… just wanted to give you a visual to wet the appetite a bit…)

Are you ready for this??

all you need is 4 ingredients:
1. the turkey (hopefully thawing in the fridge days before…)
2. an apple (no, not the computer kind!)… a real, live apple

…just in case you need a visual 🙂
3. some celery

(yep, the good ole’fashioned green stuff!)
4. a turkey oven bag

and yes, you DO need the turkey size. You don’t need the extra stress of trying to fit a turkey into a chicken sized bag… you may as well try to stuff yourself into your high school jeans… it’s not going to fit!

… oh yea, you can also add some salt and pepper if you want…

then simply rinse the turkey,
(be sure to pull out all of the ‘goodies’ the nice butcher people leave for you – neck, gizzard, possible gravy bag… yep I’ve seen a bunch of things stuck up in there!).
Chop up the apple and celery (for a big turkey, I usually use about 2 apples and 3-4 stalks of celery), and stuff them inside the turkey.
Follow instructions on the bag box,
Put turkey in oven according to directions on turkey bag,
Cook until that handy dandy thermometer pops up,
take out and let rest for a bit,
then slice into it and enjoy seeing the moisture just ooze down the knife.

Yes, it really IS that easy.
and it works!!
Going on 11th Thanksgiving Turkey this year
and the past 10 have all worked like a charm!

So from our house to yours –
Happy Thanksgiving!