Give a son a fish, feed him for a day. teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime…

…have daddy to the teaching and you just got yourself a night off!








yep – it really pays to have a dad who loves bon appetit.  Especially when the mom hates any and all sea-life forms (in food aspects, at least).  Seriously – I don’t think hubs truly believed me when we were dating and I said I wasn’t a fan of fish.  and by ‘not a fan’ I mean that I would prefer sucking an onion bone dry before chomping on any sea forms.  I mean really, you have to wonder about a food group people describe it as being good only if it doesn’t taste like itself (i.e. “this ____ (any random type) fish is great – it doesn’t taste fishy at all!”)

Just thinking about the squiggly texture of shrimp makes me a little queasy… so we’ll just move on, ahem.

Add daddy’s love of the fishy things of life with his love of bon appetit magazine, and we can get some pretty ‘interesting’ dinners when he is in charge.

Fish Tacos was one of those dinners.

Seriously – even the name sends my stomach into a lurch.  But I know fish is healthy and should be a great part of everyones diet.  So I love that he is teaching the kiddos the fine love of fishery.

He made this a few months back, and the kids went gaga over it.  So it really didn’t overly surprise me when 9 yo’s first choice of the KIK program was “Fish Tacos!”

And the next day, I was off to the store to buy fish all by myself for the first time ever.  I felt like there should have been some sort of celebration/mother of the year award when I walked up and requested 3 pounds of red snapper.  But alas there wasn’t.  Just me.

And the fish.

taking a big gulp and getting ready to dig in with the son to do some serious fish frying.







Imagine my excitement when daddy actually made it home early and jumped at the chance to help out with the dinner.



(Since daddy is rarely early, I saw this as a minor miracle in our little family’s universe!)












They cut, they battered, they fried, and they garnished.


























Ben even made cole-slaw topping to go with it!



And since I’m just plain too lazy to copy the recipe down, I’ll simply give you the link, and you can get all the goods right from the horses mouth (well, at least from the bon appetit website!)